Our mission is to fulfill your sound visions. Combining state-of-the-art technology with creative storytelling through sound, let us deliver the highest quality for your product.

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The sound team surrounding Manfred Mvié Bauche handles and arranges all sound specific aspects of a production. We ensure the professional postproduction and enhancement of the dialogue track, ADR and fictional formats without dialogue track, quickly and deeply.


Using the sound concept as the basis for an effective, acoustic experience with you, we accompany your project from the beginning until its complete implementation. Our sound compositions can help you expand both the symbolic aspects of your scenes and the dynamics of your sequences. Alternatively, it will help you create your own, virtual sound worlds.


Our team of independent sound designers arranges sounds with the help of the most advanced audio technologies. We are experienced in two-channel as well as multi-channel formats and are able to offer support in various radio, cinema and television norms. Our state of the art sound archives and cooperation with Foley Artists ensure delivery of the highest quality. Both the creativity and professionalism of our team will help enrich your production and strengthen your trademark.