Experimental film by Ute Ströer, “Loreley” was shown, amongst other festivals, at the “BuSho” Short Film Festival in Budapest and the “EXiS” Experimental Film Festival in Seoul.

Ute Ströer
Ute Ströer studied Media Art and Monumental Art at AKI Art Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Enschede (NL). She is recognised for her fairy tale-like experimental films. In 2006 she was awarded the prize of the German Association of film critics for the best German experimental film at the European Art Media Festival in Osnabrück for her film “Daumenlutscherin” (The Female Thumbsucker). Her current film “Loreley” was shown worldwide at many short film festivals including the Experimental Film Festival (EXiS) 2007 in Seoul.

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EXiS – Experimental Film and Video Festival in Soul (Korea), 2007
BuSho – Short Film Festival in Budpest (Ungarn), 2007


  • Sound Design & Mixing
  • Ute Ströer